Where there isn’t room to build out, the only way is up.

Dormer Extensions and Attic Conversions are attractive because they are a quicker, cheaper and less disruptive way to add space to a house than other alternatives.

Dormer Extension

Dormers come in all shapes and sizes. Just as there are many various types and shapes of roof, there are many various types and shapes of roof dormers.

A dormer is essentially an extension out from a roof slope (or slopes), usually with a window added. It can be large or small, have a pitched or flat roof and can be added to any slope of a roof.

Works carried out by BT & Sons include, dormer roof, the intricate dormer cheeks, guttering and of course flashing the entire extension.

As always the BT and Sons crew carry out all work, to the highest standard.

Attic Conversion

If you need another bedroom or want to increase the value of your home, we can help you out.

BT & Sons provide attic conversions compliant to the highest standards.

With our small team, we are dedicated to helping you to reinvent your home.


We offer peace of mind with an impressive life time guarantee.

With our wealth of experience of over 40 years, spanning three generations,

we can guarantee you will be happy with our quote and the advice we always give.

Phone or Email us today, to benefit from a personal service.

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