Roof Flashing is an essential part of a roofing system. Its role is to keep your roof airtight and waterproof by sealing up places that are vulnerable to water !

Metal Flashing

Metal flashing materials include, lead, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and zinc alloy. Metals can also have a coating such as galvanised steel, lead-coated copper, or anodised aluminum.

We always ensure sufficient expansion joints on long runs to prevent deformation due to expansion and contraction. Copper and lead cannot be used in contact with aluminum, zinc, or coated steel without an increased risk of premature corrosion.

Adhesive backed materials are useful during installation but adhesive will not last as long as metals, so we always recommend metal flashing when the budget allows.

Copper and Lead

BT and Sons have a wealth of experience working with metal flashing. Copper and lead are an excellent material for flashing because of their malleability, strength, solder-ability, workability, high resistance to the caustic effects of mortars and hostile environments. Thus, enabling a roof build without weak points!

Since flashing is expensive to replace, the long life of copper and leads, is a major cost advantage. Cold rolled, (to 1/8-hard temper) copper is recommended for most flashing applications. It offers more resistance than soft copper to the stresses of expansion and contraction.

Soft Zinc

This another exceptionally malleable material, which makes it extremely useful for complex roofing connections. It provides normal soft soldering capabilities and delivers easy folding. Also, it is an environmentally friendly solution for replacing lead flashing. It is completely recyclable and provides 100% clean runoff.


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